Welcome to MorphoTrust USA Online Auto Test Scheduling System

This site will let you schedule an auto test appointment for your driver license. You will be able to select a test type, a DMV location and a preferred time slot at your convenience. At the end of the scheduling process, you will receive an appointment receipt along with a map and driving directions, which you should print and bring it with you to the chosen DMV on the date of your appointment. You will also receive a confirmation email if you provided an email address. You may also reschedule or cancel appointment upon revisit to the site.

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer (IE) 9, IE10, IE11, Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version)

In order to access your browser version information, go to your browser's "About" page: For Firefox and Internet Explorer use Alt+H+A. For Safari first press F10, and then use Alt+H+B. For Chrome first press Alt+F, and then press the G key.

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