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1 If you have information about recent or ongoing criminal activity by a registered offender or any other offender, contact your local law enforcement agency.
2 If you believe that any of the Registry information is in error, please use our contact page.
3Sexual or violent offenders with questions about their registration should inquire in writing and include their full name, address and date of birth for identification purposes.

Created by the Montana Department of Justice in 1989, the Sexual or Violent Offender Registry is a valuable resource for Montanans to protect their families against sexual or violent offenders.

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Montana’s Sexual or Violent Offender Registration Act is designed to protect the public from sexual or violent offenders by requiring offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction where they reside. Information about these offenders is then made available to the public.

This Registry provides an up-to-date listing of sexual and violent offenders who are required to register their whereabouts. Disclaimer.


  • April 1989 Legislation Passed

    The Montana Legislature first enacted a registration law for sexual offenders:

    Central Registry - created a registry, maintained by the Department of Corrections

    Qualifying Offenses - required that only sexual offenders register, for a period of 10 years

    Public Information - no provision making any registration information public

    Penalty - penalty for failing to register was a misdemeanor

  • April 1995 Statute strengthend

    Lawmakers strengthened the registration statute:

    What became known as the "Sexual or Violent Offender Registration Act" and redefined the offenses requiring registration. Montana became one of the few states to register violent offenders in addition to sexual offenders... more history >>
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Parents, educators, law enforcement officers and the broader community can use the following information to increase their understanding of ways to help prevent sexual assault.

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Law Enforcement Guidelines for Community Notification

The 2007 Legislature required the Department of Justice to create a model policy that encouraged greater consistency in the way criminal justice agencies in Montana notify communities about sexual or violent offenders.

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Remember that the purpose of community notification is to reduce the chances of future victimization by an offender. The information in this Registry is basic safety information intended to assist you and your family in avoiding situations that allow easy access to victims.

Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass or commit a criminal act against any person,
may be subject to criminal prosecution