Photo Date: 02/18/2020

Graham, David Matthew 41 year old Male

Date of Birth:01/23/1979
Offender Type:Sexual, Level 2
Also Known As:Graham, Avid M
Graham, Dave
Graham, David
Graham, David Mathew
Graham, David W
Known Addresses:309 S COOK ST BOULDER MT 59632 (JEFFERSON County)
Registration Agency: Jefferson County Sheriff, (406) 225-4075
Source: Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry
Record updated: 03/03/2020 03:29:33 AM
Physical Description Last Updated: 01/17/2012
Height/Weight:6'03" / 180 lbs
Scars, Marks & Tattoos:Arm, left upper - "BEAR"; Arm, right upper; Arm, right upper - "EYE"; Arm, right upper - "EYE/FINGERS"; Back - ACNE; Back - CROSS; Back - CROSS"; Back - NCHOR"; Calf, right; Elbow, right; Shoulder, left - DEVIL/BEAR; Shoulder, right; Shoulder, right - MONSTER CRAWLING OUT OF SKIN;
Vehicles:1987 Jeep Cherokee , Plate #
1999 Ford Crown Victoria , MT Plate # 510929A
Offense (Sentenced: 10/05/1999)
Montana Statute:Sexual Intercourse Without Consent | Counts: 1
Victim:15 year old Female