SVOR - Offender Registration Unit Division | Sexual Offender Info: (406) 444-7068 | Violent Offender Info: (406) 444-9877

1 If you have information about recent or ongoing criminal activity by a registered offender or any other offender, contact your local law enforcement agency.
2 If you believe that any of the Registry information is in error, please use our contact page.
3Sexual or violent offenders with questions about their registration should inquire in writing and include their full name, address and date of birth for identification purposes.
Source: Montana Sexual or Violent Offender Registry - data last updated  Label

This report pertains only to offenders currently registered in Montana. If a registrant's status indicates that he or she has moved to another state or has been placed in prison, the offender is no longer counted in this report. Although the Registry contains additional addresses for offenders who reside at multiple locations, this report counts only the primary address of each offender.

  • Out-of-State or Federal Convictions indicates offenses committed in another state or prosecuted in federal court.
  • Occasionally, offenders are ordered by a court to register for offenses not listed in Montana's registration statute.
  • The total number of convictions may be larger than the total number of registrants because some registrants are convicted of multiple offenses.