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The Missing Persons List displays each individual's:

  • name
  • aliases (including nicknames)
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • date of last contact – this is usually, but not always, the date the individual was reported missing

The list also indicates:

  • investigating agency – the law enforcement agency with primary responsibility for the case
  • "Alert: SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE" - while all missing persons are potentially endangered, this notation indicates that a case may involve one or more specific threatening circumstances such as:
    • the person has a known physical or mental disability or illness like diabetes or senility, that places the subject or others in immediate danger
    • the person's physical safety may be in danger. Examples include someone with a drug or alcohol problem, or who associates with individuals who are violent or have criminal records.
    • the disappearance may not have been voluntary, such as in an abduction or kidnapping

Missing Person Details typically provides a description of the individual. It may also state where he or she was last seen and include photos of other individuals the missing person was believed to be with. In situations in which a young child has been missing for a long period, there may be an "age-progressed" photo that shows what the child may look like now.

A missing person's information may include other dates of birth if the individual used more than one birth date, or if family or friends provided differing birth dates.

General Searches – Not all fields are required. A general search using one field—Last Name, Gender, Age, County or City—may return more complete results than a search using a combination of fields. Leaving all fields blank will produce a complete listing of all missing persons in Montana.

Geographic Area Searches – To search for everyone reported missing by law enforcement agencies in a particular geographic area, use only the County and/or City fields.

Note: County and City searches are based on the location of the investigating law enforcement agency, which may not be the community in which the missing person lived.

Last Name Wildcard Searches – The percent sign (%) may be used as a wildcard character in the Last Name field to represent one or more other letters. For example, searching for "sm%" would yield every missing person with a last name beginning with "sm", such as Smith, Smithson and Smythe. The wildcard character may be useful when you do not know the exact spelling of a name.

Note: Wildcard searches are only allowed on the Last Name field.

Show Photographs Option – For faster search results, you can uncheck the show photographs check box.